Tap Into the Genius of These 20 Business and Marketing Experts As They Lay Out For You
Step-by-Step Strategies for Effectively
Automating Your Business!
Free Yourself From Your Business!
If you want to turn your business from a coal mine into a literal gold mine, you'll want to get access to the recordings from this 3 day event because it was jam packed with the cutting edge strategies for building an automated business.

We covered all areas of your business, not just marketing so that you can finally have a business that really does run on autopilot where YOU are NOT needed.

Order the Recordings of The
Business and Marketing Automation SuperSummit
Learn How To Automate Your Business and Life From These Experts:

Rich Schefren

Founder of StrategicProfits.com

Rich will share paradigm shifting thoughts and ideas about the mindset you'll need to effectively grow a company to 7 figures.

Perry Marshall

Best Selling Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing

Perry will discuss how to leverage 80/20 principles in your business so you're only working on the most effective areas so you can free up your time.

Mike Filsaime

Co-Founder of WebinarJam.com

Mike will be discussing how to automate your webinars and sales presentations so you can easily deliver both live and automated webinars with ease.

Russell Brunson

Founder of ClickFunnels.com

Russell will discuss how to use has powerful funnel software technology to quickly and easily build automated sales funnels.

Ari Meisel

Founder of LessDoing.com

Ari will reveal his process for automating your email management so you can spend more time focused on important tasks and making money.

James Schramko

Founder of SuperFastBusiness.com.

James will share how to automate your income by building membership sites so you can generate revenue even while you're out surfing like he does.

Jon Benson

Legendary Copywriter & Founder of Sellerator.com

Jon will show you how to quickly create emotionally impactful and high converting emails & video sales scripts without having to hire a professional copywriter

Lisa Sasevich

Founder of TheInvisibleClose.com

Lisa will share her secrets on how you can quickly position yourself as the expert in your niche and build a huge list by hosting virtual summits like this one.

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-Founder of Evercoach

Ajit will discuss how he has helped grow multi-million dollar companies like Mindvalley, automate their growth, while creating his own online empire. Ajit now helps companies like Crazy Egg, Divine Living, Get Altitude and Mindvalley to grow multi fold year on year.

Ryan Levesque

#1 Best-Selling Author of the Book "Ask"

Ryan will discuss his process for creating automated surveys that get your customers and prospects to tell you exactly what they want to buy from you.

Jack Born

Founder of AWProTools.com

Jack will show you how to track and automate email communications using Aweber to dynamically segment users and maximize conversions from your emails.

Todd Brown

Founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation.com

Todd will teach you how to create dynamic marketing funnels that respond to each user's behavior to deliver the right messages at the right time.

E Brian Rose

Co-Founder of JVZoo.com

Brian will discuss how he's managed to grow JVZoo to almost $750 million in processed transactions while keeping a small team and epic lifestyle as well as his unique insights on what makes a great offer.

Kevin Davis

Founder of PaidTraffic.co

Kevin will share how to launch hundreds of ads in minutes instead of hours and how to automate your ad schedule so you are only paying for ads during peak times to maximize conversions. 

Tyler Garns

Founder of BoxOutMarketing.com

Tyler will discuss how to automate your sales pipeline so you can effectively manage your sales team, automate sales follow-up and close more deals.

Jake Hower

Founder of FuzedApp.com

Jake will show you how to integrate your CRM systems with other tools such as GotoWebinar, Wistia, Shopify and more... 

Bryan Franklin

Founder of Franklin Media

Bryan will discuss how to create ViralLoops that automatically get your customers to recruit their friends and family and generate referrals for you.

Jeremy Shapiro

Founder of FuzeDesk.com

Jeremy will show you how you can use automation to take your customer service to the next level and cultivate loyal raving fans for your business.

Chris Brisson

Founder of CallLoop.com

Chris will teach you how you can use SMS text messaging in your marketing campaigns to bypass the inbox and deliver messages that get open and read.

Brad Martineau

Founder of SixthDivision.com

Brad will share his Six Laws of Automating Your Business. A simple to understand process for mapping out and automating any business process.

Dave Lavinsky

Founder of GuidingMetrics.com

Dave will show you how you can pull in data from all of your applications and analytics tools and combine it all into effective reporting dashboards.

Ryan Rouse

Founder of Factor75.com

Ryan will show you how to eat right so you can stay energized and take massive action as well as how to get delicious, healthy, fully prepared meals delivered.

Seth Greene

The Ultimate Marketing Magician

Seth will be discussing how to tap into consumer buying behavior data to laser target your ideal prospects thru paid traffic and direct mail campaigns.
If you want to escape the chaos of a business that runs
YOUR life, then get ready to transform it into an automated, scalable, SELLABLE machine!

Hi! My name is Teddy Garcia and I'm the President of InfoMarketingSystem.com

If you don't know me, I've been building websites and marketing online since 1997. Most of the top authors, speakers, coaches and high level marketers have hired me to help them automate their marketing and business processes so they could scale their companies and (more importantly) free themselves from the day-to-day operations of their business so they could spend time with their families, traveling or pursuing their hobbies and passions.

Some of my clients include: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen, Sally Hogshead, Rich Schefren, James Malinchak, Lifebook, Larry Benet, Ben Croft, Mario Brown, Baeth Davis, Tellman Knudson and dozens more...
Now if you’re like most business owners I’ve worked with you are probably struggling with a lot of inefficient process and systems in your business.

This leads to chaos, confusion, mistakes, lost profits and extra stress.

You started your business so you could have the freedom to make as much money as you wanted and plenty of free time to spend with your family, travel and pursue your hobbies and passions.

But instead you’re busting you’re ass, working 50, 60, 70 hours a week and only generating a fraction of the results you could have.

You probably haven’t taken a real vacation in a long time and have had to miss out on important family events because you’ve been a slave to your business.

To make matters worse, what you’ve built is probably so dysfunctional that no one would ever buy it from you because it relies on you being there duct taping all your systems together and putting out fires non-stop.
Well the Good News is I’m on a Mission
to End This Chaos for You…
It’s time to finally learn how to properly automate your business and your life so you can live the life you’ve always imagined.

For some reason everyone is focused on teaching you how to automate your marketing and build sales funnels but almost no one is teaching you how to manage the rest of your operations.

Obviously without a steady stream of leads and customers you won’t have an operation to manage so automating your marketing is definitely the first step but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg.

For your business to truly be successful, scaleable and sellable you'll want to automate all the functional areas of your business including:
  • Lead Generation and nurturing
  • Sales presentations
  • Gathering Referrals, Testimonials and Feedback
  • Scheduling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Recruitment and Training
  • Billing and Collections
  • Content Creation and Syndication
  • Project Management
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Document and File Management
  • Computer and Website backups, updates, protection and maintenance
  • And more…
I'm Bringing In The Top Experts I Know 
To Help You!
As I mentioned, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of the world’s top entrepreneurs, marketers, authors, speakers and coaches.

The most successful ones have fully automated operations that allow for infinite growth and give them the freedom to do what they do best like travel the world speaking and training others.

However, most of them didn’t build or design the systems and processes that allow them this freedom.

They hire other experts like me and some of the other presenters I’ve lined up for this SuperSummit to help them design and implement these systems.

That's why I'm inviting some of the top thought leaders to present on this summit. Honestly, some of these guys are my direct competitors but I'm happy to bring them all together because this isn't about me, it's about YOU

I want you to be exposed to quality information and resources out there and each of us brings a different expertise and unique behind-the-scenes knowledge to the table.

This was a an amazing event with some information that has never been shared publicly before. 

Almost no one is talking about complete business automation and scalability the way we're going to and several of the people I’m bringing to you are not in the public eye. 

They silently work behind the scenes to make the experts, gurus and thought leaders shine and ensure that their customers are well taken care of.

Now they're going to do the same for you!

The Live Event Is Over But The Recordings Are Now Available!
Unfortunately you missed the live event that happened on July 8th-10th but you're in luck because we successfully recorded all the sessions from all the speakers so you can still get your hands on this unique collection of wisdom and insights from some of the top marketers in the world.

We also transcribed everything in case you prefer to read or want to highlight key action steps for automating your business and life.

Right now, you can upgrade to a Full Access pass at a huge discount for a limited time.
With the Automation SuperSummit Full Access Pass 
You'll Get:
  • Lifetime Access and Ability to Download ALL of the Session Recordings. - ($497 Value)
  • Word for Word Transcripts of Each Session which you can print out, highlight and take notes on.  - ($350 Value)
  • MindMaps of Each Session highlighting all of the key points in an easy to visualize format. - ($350 Value)
  • Additional Bonus Interview With Jay Abraham where Jay discusses what keep entrepreneurs stuck and prevents them from growing their business - ($47 Value)
  • Additional tools, resource guides, checklists, free trials, discounts and other bonuses to help you implement automation in your business quicker and easier. - ($197 Value)
  • 3 Additional Q&A Calls to answer any questions about any of the topics discussed and solve any of your technical challenges related to automation.  - ($300 Value)
That's a Total Value of Over $1741!
The fact of the matter is that all of the experts who participated in this summit are experts at what they do.

Their hourly rates are usually $1000+ and most of their courses and trainings start at over $1500.

But we're giving you access to your own personal library from over 20 of great marketing minds plus tons of tools, resources and bonuses for just a small fraction of that!
If You're Serious About Taking Your Business To The Next Level, Are Committed To Automating Your Key Processes So You Can Truly Break Free From the Day-to-Day Operations and Want To Own a Valuable Asset That Someone Will Want to Purchase From You Someday, Then It's Imperative That You Have This Vault of Information!
If we're being honest with each other, we both now you're not going to be able to implement all of these ideas and tactics right away. 

So you'll want to be able to refer back to these recordings as you're ready to add each component.

And you're also going to want a convenient way to share this information with your entire team so they understand what you're trying to do and why it's important.

Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to purchase another training program that has a fraction of the advice, you can own this entire library of recordings and all the resources for just a low one time investment.
NOW Is The Time To Finally Create The Life You've Always Wanted! - Not When You're Too Old To Enjoy It... The Advice That Was Shared At The Automation SuperSummit Will Help You Achieve That!
I guarantee this will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Just making this decision to secure your access to this content forever illustrates your commitment to finally achieving true freedom and to creating the business you want without all the stress and headaches.

Implementing these strategies will help you get back to enjoying your friends, family and hobbies. 

And most important, you'll finally have peace of mind knowing that all your hard work is actually paying off and will be worth something once you're ready to sell it.

I'm so excited for you!

Teddy Garcia
5621 Departure Drive, Raleigh, NC 27616 - 919-342-0257
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